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Who We Are

Kahner Global, established in 2015, specializes in crafting exclusive investor gatherings, encompassing conferences, webinars, and private events. Initially focusing on family offices within the cannabis industry, by 2022, Kahner Global expanded its scope to include Psychedelics, marking the inception of The Cannabis & Psychedelics Investment Summit Series. These summits have since transformed into highly esteemed gatherings tailored for institutional investors, family offices, and ultra high-net-worth individuals. Conducted annually across major cities like New York City, San Francisco, Toronto, Miami, Beverly Hills, and London, these events offer a bespoke, intimate conference setting, fostering optimal deal flow for both investors and entrepreneurs.

What We Do

Kahner Global specializes in providing extensive services within the realm of high-end conferences and consulting.



We provide consulting services aimed at bolstering your business. If you're interested in our support, feel free to get in touch through the contact form below.

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Our global experience in organizing sizable conferences remains steadfast, and we're committed to hosting more conferences in the coming year.



Whether we're assisting you with a project or you're participating in one of our events, we naturally expand your network to include key industry contacts you need to know.

"The Kahner Global event is [was] a great way to hear from experts in the cannabis and psychedelic assisted therapy fields as well as hear about investment opportunities and emerging trends."

Meet Noa Kahner, Founder

As Founder and CEO of Kahner Global, Noa follows a mission to bring utmost quality and integrity to the company's events.  Noa is involved in on boarding speakers, investors, and companies to highlight the industry's leaders and dealmakers.  She is passionate about bringing an impactful network to the alternative investment community. 

Noa received a Master in Business Administration from Baruch College, The Zicklin School of Business. In 2014, she was named a member of the Milken Young Leadership Circle.

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Kahner Global is the longest running Cannabis & Psychedelics  Investment Summit.
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