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Inspiro Global and the World's First "Weedery"

Describe the Colorado Cannabis Ranch in one sentence.

The Colorado Cannabis Ranch is a world-class destination designed to demystify and normalize the cannabis industry, setting new standards for the conversation around cannabis.

What inspired you to build the world's first cannabis ranch?

The idea for the Colorado Cannabis Ranch was developed by Christian Hageseth. After 7+ years in the industry, he identified a serious need for a better cultivation model, and to demystify the cannabis plant for the public. The Colorado Cannabis Ranch is our answer to both of these needs. We view all intentions behind the Cannabis Ranch through the lenses of economic development, community stewardship, and social justice.

Where do you see the Cannabis Ranch down the road?

The Colorado Cannabis Ranch will showcase state of the art cultivation processes and industry R&D, while providing the community with a place to learn and responsibly enjoy legal cannabis. Through our amphitheater, restaurant and bar, and hotel, we offer a unique way to experience cannabis and community. We plan to construct additional Cannabis Ranches throughout states where cannabis is legal. The Cannabis Ranches will play a critical role in demystifying and normalizing the cannabis industry, while serving as stewards to the communities that the Cannabis Ranches are built in.

What can other companies in the cannabis space learn from the Colorado Cannabis Ranch?

One of the biggest assets of the team behind the Colorado Cannabis Ranch is industry experience. The cannabis industry is unique and the perspective of those that drive the industry–the cultivation team, dispensary owners, and even patients and customers–is critical. The Colorado Cannabis Ranch capitalizes on owner Christian Hageseth’s 7+ years of experience as owner of an award-winning cultivation and dispensary operation. Through his experience in the industry, Hageseth identified the distinct need to do business better, and demystify the cannabis industry. The Colorado Cannabis Ranch is our solution to these problems.

What is the single most important takeaway for prospective investors placing capital?

The key to our success is simple; we are creating a highly lucrative business with very attractive return on capital - by leveraging a much needed lower cost/higher quality cultivation model that is backed by collateralized real-estate.

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