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Speaker Spotlight: Ari Katz, Founder & CEO, ROAR

Interviewed by Jen Coleman, CEO of My Elevated Experience

Q: Could you please offer a brief overview of ROAR for those who may not be familiar?

ROAR NYC is a brand new Ketamine Clinic Concept launching in early 2024. Founded by serial entrepreneur Ari Katz, ROAR NYC is a first-of-its-kind “safe space” KAT concept purpose built to scale. Initially, ROAR NYC will offer a 4-week highly curated program for KAT eligible individuals to experience the magic of sublingual KAT in a safe, controlled, and group setting in the heart of NYC. Each ROAR NYC class will consist of 4 Ketamine Fueled Discovery™️ sessions (1 per week) which will be supervised by both integration coaches and at least 1 nurse (RN). After the 4 week program, ROAR NYC will offer on-going, year-round integration support for all of its members, and will leverage a community driven approach to ensure optimal outcomes for all members.

Q: What motivated you to start ROAR?

After selling my business and experiencing my first watershed liquidity event in mid 2021 I found myself getting increasingly curious and proactive about my personal mental health and overall wellness. After a 2 year journey where I learned about an array of alternative wellness resources to combat mental and physical health issues, I found upon Ketamine therapy, and my life has never been the same.

With my last business, Sperling Dermatology, I focused on educating the consumer market on cutting edge aesthetic and body contouring treatments like CoolSculpting (we became the #1 provider in the world before selling the business in June 2021), with ROAR NYC I hope to apply the same sales and marketing techniques to help educate the consumer market about the magic and healing powers of Ketamine Assisted Therapy.

Q: What has been your experience with psychedelics and healing?

My own KAT experience took place over the last 6 months where I was fortunate enough to experience several breakthrough type sessions in the comfort of my own home. While I feel fortunate that I was able to have such a positive outcome from KAT without any true “integration support”, I know that many others will not have the same outcomes without true on-going support as well as a safe and comfortable environment to experience the power of KAT.

Q: How do you connect individuals with ROAR?

I plan to utilize the same blend of digital marketing and sales tactics that helped build a CoolSculpting empire here in the KAT space. Additionally, ROAR NYC will leverage an extremely influencer and community-driven approach to all of our marketing and branding.

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