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Speaker Spotlight: Monique Ellis, Co-Founder and CEO, Chilam

Chilam Q&A

Interviewed by Erin Roche, CEO of Candy & Flowers

Q: What is Chilam?

Chilam is growing to be a leading force in innovative cannabinoid-based medication and technology in Europe. From a green-powered fully licensed EU GMP facility, we are focused on building a medicinal cannabis and recreational ecosystem. We work with customers to enable market development through the delivery of EU EMP Products and Service including API, finished product, formulation and R&D.

Our own product innovation is focused on pioneering new approaches to female reproductive health and pain control through cannabinoid-based medication and digital innovation. We are first addressing life-impacting pain associated with endometriosis - an underdiagnosed and undertreated condition affecting around 190 million females of reproductive age globally.

Q: What is your background and why did you start Chilam?

We started Chilam to make a difference, Monique Ellis our Co-Founder and CEO, is a medicinal cannabis user, mother and business leader. The key problem we have all seen is that the industry is driven by recreational genetics rather than formulations for specific indications. We have invested in R&D in order to do this starting with female health and working with technology to help patients monitor their indication and dosage. In endometriosis, we aim to replace potentially harmful prescription analgesics, anti-inflammatories as well as contraceptive medication with a proprietary, scientifically formulated, precision-dosed cannabinoid prescription medicine.

Q: Tell me a little more about the team at Chilam. First, how long have you been around, what has the evolution of the team looked like and where are you today?

Chilam was founded 3 years ago with teams in London UK and Eastern Europe. The team, and our scientific and medical advisory board has evolved dramatically during this period adding a number of world leading specialists and professionals to our team and board. The strength of our approach has allowed us to attract advisors including leading pain physicians, global pharmaceutical experts in both go-to-market and regulation as well as experienced US and EU cannabis experts. Their backgrounds include Pfizer, Gilead Science and the UK’S National Health Service. In addition we are fortunate to have a number of founding investors from the US and Europe who have generated billions of dollars of wealth through their previous businesses.

Q: What would you like investors to know about Chilam?

Chilam provides Investors an opportunity to invest and be part of the European Cannabis market which is set to grow to $13.37 billion by 2027. Chilam’s infrastructure mixed with our R&D work together helps us to future proof our runway due to multiple revenue streams including wholesale EU GMP flower, oil and a full suite of white label products, all of which are being produced in our fully licensed facility. Chilam is in the prime position of being able to export globally to address all the major medicinal cannabis markets.

Q: Where can we find more information about Chilam?

Please visit or contact George Meek or Monique Ellis, we would be happy to provide you with our latest IM.


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