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Biotech Meets Cannabis at Next Frontier Biosciences

Describe Next Frontier Biosciences in one sentence?

Next Frontier Biosciences is a team of highly accomplished biotech executives and research scientists who are developing purified cannabinoid products that are scientifically formulated for improved bioavailability, consistency and reliability, thereby setting new standards for quality, safety and effectiveness…where biotech meets cannabis!

Where do you see Next Frontier Biosciences down the road?

At Next Frontier, we are focused on scientific innovation, strategic partnering and brand development. Through superior execution, our goal is to establish a global leadership position in the market for next-generation cannabis products that are safe, effective, consistent and distinct from anything in the marketplace today.

What is the biggest challenge in U.S. medical cannabis now?

The biggest challenge facing the cannabis industry, in both the medical and recreational sectors, is the lack of quality, consistency and metabolic predictability inherent in today’s first-generation products. Despite the rapid growth of the industry, the vast majority of products – including marijuana flowers, oils, edibles and tinctures - are highly impure and poorly characterized, which adversely affects dosing accuracy, quality, consistency and product safety. The most common methods of administration include smoking, which has serious health risks, and oral consumption, which leads to slower and unpredictable absorption as well as significant inactivation (or metabolism) of cannabinoids. As a result, we believe there is a significant unmet need for next-generation cannabis products that are scientifically formulated to provide uniform composition, formulation and dosage, while offering superior quality, safety and effectiveness related to existing products.

What can other companies in the cannabis space learn from Next Frontier Biosciences?

At Next Frontier, our core values include scientific excellence, integrity and trust. Many companies claim their products are “pharmaceutical-grade,” but they are actually highly impure, poorly characterized and lack any meaningful scientific formulation. This undermines consumer trust and results in unpredictable product experiences. At Next Frontier, science comes first and we maintain a steadfast commitment to developing best-in-class products that are safe, effective, well-characterized and properly labeled to maintain corporate integrity and build consumer trust. As a result, other companies in the cannabis space can learn the benefits of taking a true scientific approach to unlocking the power of the cannabis plant from Next Frontier.

What is the single most important takeaway for prospective investors placing capital?

Next Frontier Biosciences has the team, the technology and the strategy to maximize shareholder value by establishing a global leadership position in the market for next-generation scientifically formulated premium cannabis products.

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