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Interview with Marek Jasinski, Founder and CEO, 100THX

On June 12, 2019, Marek Jasinski, Founder and CEO of 100THX, will be speaking at Kahner Global's 4th Annual Cannabis Private Investment Summit Toronto. The event will host more than 150 industry leaders and investors for a day of collaboration and networking.

1. Marek, tell us a little bit about your background.

I am a self-taught entrepreneur who started in the 90's. I began in the technology sector, I taught myself how to program Assembly, C and about 40 other programming languages. Before graduating from highschool in the mid 90's, I created technology which allowed full internet service to customers. The company grew from just four phone lines to over 300 in just ten months, we were the first in Toronto/North America to do so using MajorBBS. I created various successful startups in the technology sector, after which I begun exploring particle physics, quantum mechanics, and other scientific fields. I focused on biology in 2000 and landed on genetics in 2003. After realizing what genetic code is in 2003, I pointed out it is a mathematical impossibility for there to be "Junk DNA" of that size, a term that was used at the time describing genes that were thought to be of no consequence on our life. As an Artificial Intelligence programmer learning the genetic code was an amazing experience. Today, I strive to program and decipher the ultimate AI programming language in the universe, the genetic code.

2. When did you enter the cannabis industry, and what was the driving force behind it?

I entered the Cannabis space around 2012, at the time I used AI programs to derive biological actions. Output of these programs pointed out that my medical condition would benefit from compounds found in Cannabis. I met Dr. Sam Mellace when I sought an experienced help. Dr. Sam showed me his operation in B.C. and taught me all about Cannabis. I continued to apply AI to Cannabis, probing for biological actions inside cells without cultured cells. This research led me to very interesting insights into Cannabis, like the impact on CD4/CD34 cells which predicted human negative impact of Cannabis on certain specific viruses.

3. How did 100THX come to be, and what is the meaning behind the name?

When my mentor and longtime friend Edward Palonek passed away, I reconnected with my now partners whom I worked with for Edward's company FoundMoney. 100 signifies the purity of compounds, no pesticides and Non-GMO, something that should become a standard requirement for medical treatments. THX encompasses all the known and the many unknown botanical compounds.

4. If you can, explain a bit about how you combine traditional scientific disciplines with artificial intelligence.

Today it is difficult to obtain consistent results when it comes to invitro and invivo testing. My experience in AI combined with various fields of science allowed me to exploit biological reaction using a computer. In order to accomplish this, I have devised a new method of DNA understanding and its interactions with messenger molecules, peptides, amino acids and proteins. With more than 37 billion cells, it is near impossible for any human to precisely analyze actions within a single cell. In a way I created a new language to decipher DNA instructions on those calculations inside the cells.

5. Why is this method unique, and what unique results does it produce?

Our unique methods tie the various genetic expression across the human body, from saliva to blood. We are further able to separate the cells to specific genetic expressions, allowing the AI software to analyze and determine what specific compounds will work and which ones will not. Moreover, we are able to discern at genetic level the amount of medications a person requires. We are able to test genetic expressions for damages to the genomic code, something no human is able to do today. Our epigenetic technology is superior to anything currently on the market, and will likely lead to new rapid DNA testing technologies.

6. Your team includes executives from various industries and concentrations, including medicine, science and hospitality. Is this by design?

Yes, they all bring in unique abilities, adding collectively their strengths and experience. Having known them for a long time in both personal and professional capacity. Having an unique ability to utilize human capacity in various roles set the stage to excel our growth.