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Speaker Spotlight: Dr. Molly Maloof of Adamo Bioscience

January 19.2022

Erin Roche, Candy & Flowers

What is Adamo Bioscience?

Adamo Bioscience is a biotech company with a mission to create more love in this world. We are the only company developing psychedelic compounds and technology solutions to treat Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD) for individuals in relationships.

Why did you start the company?

Studies show that personal relationships are the greatest factor influencing health, longevity and happiness. However, we’re living in an era of widespread disconnection. People are disconnected from their partners, from their bodies, and from themselves, which can result in sexual problems. Lack of sex can lead to decreased intimacy, feelings of resentment, and even divorce. The root causes of this – the relationship itself, trauma or mood disorders – are not addressed by pharmaceutical solutions on the market today. Based on my own experience, I was able to find connection and healing from sexual trauma with psychedelic assisted therapy. So, I started studying psychedelics to better understand how they can provide different forms of connection that could lead to novel solutions for trauma-based conditions as well as strengthen relationships between people. With all that I’ve learned from my life experience combined with my experience as a medical doctor and consultant, I’m now creating something I’m passionate about – a brand that’s all about love, connection and healing.

What’s the market opportunity for Adamo?

There are 44 million women and 20 million men in the U.S. who have experienced trauma with Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD). There are 33 million women and 32 million men who are married and go to counseling. Of those, 7 million women and 6 million men report that they are in sexless marriages. There are 24 drugs approved for men’s sexual health and only 2 drugs approved for female sexual health; and all of these existing treatments focus solely on physiology without addressing the role of relationships, connection and love in sexual function. Our team cracked the code to chemically reproduce the neurobiology of love, and we believe this technology can help ordinary couples, as well as those who have experienced trauma, work through relationship difficulties, reignite passion and strengthen their connection. Upwards of 30 million people in the U.S. could benefit from what we are developing, and that doesn’t take into account the rest of the world.

Who is on the team at Adamo?

Between my work as concierge medical doctor to executives, teaching at Stanford and as an advisor and consultant to over 50 companies, I’ve met and worked with the best and brightest minds in science, technology, anthropology, ethics and business. Our advisory board is a who’s a who of experts in their field who are all passionate believers that Adamo Bioscience can create a movement and societal change in how we think about medicine and its role in helping people live longer, happier, more loving and connected lives.

We’re excited to have you at the CPIS in Miami, what’s your goal in participating this year?

We want to tell our story, answer questions and find like-minded investors to help close our seed round. More investment is needed in R&D to understand love, connection and healing and the role that plays in increasing our life span. We are the leader in this space and will demonstrate that evidence-based science and medicine can help heal trauma and create the connection many of us are lacking – and searching for – in the near future.

The Cannabis Private Investment Summit Series showcases the best and brightest cannabis and psychedelic entrepreneurs and is the premiere summit for institutional investors, family offices, and ultra high net worth investors. For additional information, please email us at Request an invitation to attend at


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