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Speaker Spotlight: Julia Germaine of KindRun, elevating the consumer cannabis experience!

August 11, 2022

Julia Germaine, Operating Partner, KindRun

What is KindRun?

KindRun is a social equity, direct-to-consumer (DTC) cannabis delivery company operated by Kind Ventures, a minority and woman owned venture fund and operator focused on elevating the consumer cannabis experience through disruptive technology. KindRun is a “Delivery Operator Marijuana Establishment” licensed by the Cannabis Control Commission offering residential cannabis delivery in Massachusetts and a true e-commerce experience for consumers. Our clients browse and order products, schedule deliveries and pay online. We offer secure, compliant, digital “pay now” or “pay later” payment options from KindTap, which means KindRun is a 100% cashless operation. We carefully curate our menu to offer a full range of products, featuring diverse and independent brands from the thriving Massachusetts market.

What differentiates KindRun from other cannabis delivery services?

KindRun is the first direct-to-consumer, “warehouse” model for cannabis retail sales outside of California. What differentiates us is our commitment to normalizing the cannabis buying experience for consumers. In 2022, consumers expect to be able to get anything they want online through a seamless e-commerce experience – that should include cannabis. KindTap, our compliant cashless credit and debit payments technology (like a PayPal equivalent) is integrated into a robust e-commerce environment, which means KindRun’s time to transact at the point of delivery averages around 60 seconds, with average time on site around 3 minutes.

Can you explain more about the benefits of leveraging technology for a better consumer shopping experience?

We know that consumers are used to seamless e-commerce transactions, but they also expect rewards, loyalty or membership programs from their favorite retailers. We’ve added Kind+, much like the Amazon Prime membership model, as the first true subscription service for cannabis consumers in North America. Members subscribe to save 5% on every order from their favorite retailer(s), among other meaningful benefits. Early adoption in Massachusetts has produced an average order value (AOV) increase of 7% and frequency of visit increase greater than 25%. Thanks to the convenience and savings of delivery and Kind+ membership, KindRun’s average order value (AOV) is at least 40% greater than the average brick-and-mortar dispensary in the state.

Who’s the team at KindRun?

The senior leadership hails from traditional retail operations, manufacturing and corporate finance, with over 10 consecutive years of experience in the legal cannabis arena across various markets in North America. We deeply understand from the inside out how businesses have to operate compliantly in this industry with plenty of lessons learned over 10 years that have helped us get KindRun to where it is today.

What else do you want investors to know about KindRun?

As the competitive market picks up and operators lose market share, understanding the way purchasing behaviors are trending and being able to capitalize on those with a smooth runway is critical for long term success. While we are currently operating KindRun in Massachusetts with a proof of concept that works and provides us with great data, KindTap and Kind+ can be integration partners, meaning they can work within the e-commerce cannabis tech stack and be leveraged by MSOs, retailers and other players in the cannabis space to elevate the cannabis shopping experience in any market.


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