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The Biggest Brands in Cannabis don't exist yet , says Garyn Angel of MagicalBrands

February 20, 2020

Erin Roche, Candy & Flowers

As CEO and Founder of Magical, what’s your vision for the company?

Magical creates products that play an active role in personal health and happiness. Our vision for the company is to be a global leader in product innovation and be at the forefront of consumer-focused, cannabis derived health and wellness brands.

What is MagicalButter and why did you start the company?

There are amazing benefits of certain plants, including cannabis, that people all over the world are discovering can be used to enrich their health. However, it’s not always easy to buy these plants in a form factor that people can integrate into a healthy lifestyle. I started Magical to help a friend with Crohn’s disease. At the time, and still today in many legal medical cannabis markets, edibles are not available. MagicalButter was designed to help him use medical cannabis in a way that felt healthier than smoking or vaping it. The MagicalButter machine (MB2e) is the world’s first countertop, botanical extractor designed for recipes that infuse the essence of healthy herbs into butter, oil, grain alcohol, lotions, and more.

How did you go from conceiving and inventing the machine to the content and cult-like following you have across social media?

Today we have over 300K followers across our social media channels. I realized early on that we needed to get influencers on board who could help us tell our story in a compelling way to a lot of diverse audiences. The best way to do that was to turn influencers who know marketing, content and brands into advocates. We have a great board that includes industry leaders like Gary Vaynerchuck, Peter McDonough and Paul Rose. They all have incredible industry IQ and experience that we matched with a community of brand ambassadors who are also paying customers. Once people try MagicalButter, they want to share their experience and we have the expertise on our board to make sure people see those stories and become part of our marketing ecosystem.

Would you say you are a cannabis brand or a content brand?

I don’t think either really explain what we do and where we’re headed. We help people with health and happiness; or wealth in the case of partners and investors. We’ve partnered with dispensaries to make edibles for sale and win awards that demonstrate innovation in the cannabis industry. We’ve already won 7 cannabis cups. And we’re not just cannabis. As the addressable market evolves, so do we. You can use MagicalButter for the extraction of all plant medicines and in the future, that includes mushrooms and psychedelics that are being used in therapeutic treatments around the world.

What do you want investors to know about MagicalBrands?

The biggest brands in cannabis don’t yet exist. We’re considered one of the larger ones at the moment, but we’re positioned to be so much more. We’re most excited about the value we’ll generate over the next ten years. I would challenge any other cannabis company to have the brand reach, the revenue and the customer base that we have. No one else could do it the way we did. We are also great stewards of capital and we know how to build a brand versus buying awareness. For example, we acquired the “Magical” top-level domains around the world in anticipation for our global growth. In terms of partners and distribution channels, we have an incredible track record and we’re adding more. The Seattle Mariners use our product to make their butters and soups. Walmart just started giving us purchase orders and we’re signing on Bed Bath & Beyond and Macy’s.

What are some of the themes you discussed at the event in Ft. Lauderdale?

Regulations around the edible forms of cannabis is not happening fast enough, so we’re here to help medical communities and customers around the world by giving them a way to make their own. Cannabis has become a social norm and something people what to experiment with. You can invite people over for an interesting dinner party using our products and become an influencer in your peer group. We always deliver much more value to customers than what we charge and that’s how we have built such a loyal and vocal following. Magical products are consistently affordable, easy to use and made from premium quality materials. As a team, we own the company, we design the products, we use them, we truly care about quality and about each customer—and our fans tell us it shows in the personalized attention they receive. All of these themes are important in building a brand that’s going to continue to deliver value for years to come.

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